Alessandro Serratore

I'm Alessandro Serratore, I was born in Asti on July 26, 1978, I live in Villafranca d'Asti until the age of 20 when I decide to emigrate to Spain to build my working and entrepreneurial life.

I start my journey in the world of catering by working as a simple employee and then, after 4 years, become the owner of the first of my restaurants. This makes me acquire more and more consideration within the Spanish community by integrating me 100% in their culture, and allows me to become one of the most renowned restaurateurs in the whole community in Alicante, opening other commercial activities including restaurants and an agency of organization of events on a regional, national and international scale.

Signing of very important contracts and contracts in the world of tourism among which, one of my biggest events organized in the world of food, was the first release of the Volvo Ocean Race and so on other contracts taken with Scandinavian groups for the organization of large corporate events in Spain. I specialize in the academic world and thanks to my restaurants, I open a real academy by training hundreds of people a year in the world of catering and events, teaching them to become model employees in different sectors: from waiter, to cook, to meter and everything that involves the world of catering and catering.

I specialize in marketing and communication, economics and consumption and in corporate management, personally managing everything related to the organization of my companies and so I continue my path.

Thanks to my activities I know another job opportunity, which presents itself to me in 2011 and, after 3 years, I decide to invest all my time and resources in this new activity.

In January 2015 I decided to found, in Italy a non-profit association, and abroad a real international consultancy company, the 4x4 International Evolution Group SRL with holding company in Spain and a subsidiary in Italy, today in 60 months later, 4x4 International is one of the most present and organized groups in Europe that advises small and medium-sized enterprises. It is aimed at those companies that want to know, professionally, what are the best uses of current market systems, while on a personal level, a real training academy that allows young and old people or entrepreneurs themselves, to build a real commercial and professional activity, economically profitable.

The objectives for the next 10 years are to open hundreds of offices across Europe that allow thousands of people, in a defined economic and financial system - the business of the 21st century -, to better understand today's market opportunities.