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The 4x4 brokerage and business consulting company INTERNATIONAL EVOLUTION GROUP srl is a Spanish holding company with an Italian subsidiary specializing in the search for solutions designed to improve the performances of the companies that choose to make use of its consultants.

Our target is small / medium-sized enterprises and freelancers who are wondering what are the most effective strategies and tools to evolve, digitize, automate or enhance their business, starting from traditional-digital marketing or the optimization of internal costs and going through the rationalization and / or digitalization of business processes.

In our decades of experience in the field of brokerage and consultancy we have found that companies and freelancers frequently believe that they do not have the foundations to be able to improve and update their business or in some cases the concentration to promote their product / service. it does not allow him to see market innovations. Furthermore, personally investing time and resources in the search for improvement solutions, without the support of a consultancy agency suitable for deepening the profile and corporate attitude, often results in a useless waste of time and resources.

In building a consultancy strategy for reducing internal costs or for a marketing or automation / digitalization action, our 11 internal departments allow us to quickly identify the solution to the needs of our customers.

The 4x4 International Evolution Group provides companies with assistance through consultants whose goal is to improve the business, the search for services that can optimize the resources available but above all to support the entrepreneur in the medium-long term... By drinking and then bringing to its attention ONLY products / services of real utility.

The characteristic that distinguishes us is our constant and multi-sectoral Scouting activity of products / services able to solve the needs of contemporary entrepreneurs as well as intermediation with the best commercial partners and the use of the best technologies available on the market. our passion for business consultancy in effective business projects for our customers, with creativity and professionalism.